Laura Kirkpatrick Workshops


I've never modeled before, can I still attend the workshop?

Absolutely, while the workshop dives into more advanced concepts, they are broken down in such detail anyone could follow. 

What clothing should I bring? 

Bring options that we can style based on your look and the aesthetic of the photography.

Do I need to bring my own lunch or beverages? 

Lunch and basic beverages will be provided. But, we suggest you bring your own water bottle to keep hydrated! If you have any dietary concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Laura.

What is the schedule to the workshop? 

The schedule of each workshop will vary, but the day will get started at 10:00am with introductions and will end at 6:00pm with a detailed Q&A session. Lunch will be provided around 1:00pm, with a short 30 minute break.

How many students will be attending?

The workshops are limited to 10 models. We always keep the class size small for more personal attention.