Laura Kirkpatrick Workshops

Thank you

As a young girl my biggest dream was to model, to walk red carpets and to pose for magazines. In 2009, I started my journey to make my dreams a reality but even after competing in America's Next Top Model my journey was not easy. Even after working alongside some of the best talent in the industry there were many lessons I had to learn the hard way. Today I will pass on some of the knowledge I've gained from lessons learned. Over the course of this workshop I hope to give you the tools and knowledge you need to start your very own journey. I remember being that young ambitious girl who would have done anything to have gotten a head start at modeling so today I am proud to take part in giving you that rare opportunity.  Making any dream come true takes lots of hard work and passion, especially the dream of working in an industry that requires you to be as tough as nails. I find joy in mentoring and expressing my experiences as a full time model to those who have the same passion as I do and today I will release some of that joy to you.

Thank you so much,
Laura Kirkpatrick